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The Shield will reunite again according to Kurt Angle

The Hounds Of Justice made their return and sold a ton of t-shirts but when the time came for them to headline their first pay-per-view together, Roman Reigns went down thanks to a case of the mumps and Kurt Angle had to replace him at the TLC pay-per-view. After that, they had a couple opportunities to unite for a common goal but Dean Ambrose’s injury not only left Seth Rollins without a tag team partner, but The Shield was seemingly shelved as well.

Fans might feel a bit cheated but it wasn’t anything that could be blamed on any one person or event. It just seemed that the return of The Shield was snakebit from the get-go.

One-time Shield member Kurt Angle recently participated in a Facebook Q&A where he was asked about a return of The Shield and he had positive things to say about the possibility of Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns getting the band back together.

“The Shield has been dealing with a lot of setbacks and injuries. But they will unite again. Be patient.”

This is a good sign but in all reality, Kurt Angle might not have all of the insider knowledge that his storyline persona would lead us to believe he has. But hopefully, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of The Shield.

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