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Tommaso Ciampa changes his look for his debut on WWE Main Event



As rumors swirl about Tommaso Ciampa possibly moving up to the main roster soon, he has made a change to his look.

Over the last couple of years, Ciampa has let his beard go grey and it has worked to enhance his "grizzled veteran' persona that mirrors who he really is.

Ciampa appeared on this week's episode of WWE Main Event and fans took note that his beard has been dyed. He looks younger but the "grizzled veteran" look from his NXT days is no longer there. There's no word on if this is something he did on his own or if this was a directive from Vince McMahon.

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McMahon reportedly wants younger wrestlers and he has asked wrestlers to dye their hair before. When Kevin Nash returned to WWE in 2011, McMahon asked Nash to dye his hair and beard because he felt that the grey made Nash look older. While some fans online prefer the grey beard on Ciampa, it seems like a lot of fans also like the new look because he looks younger and rejuvenated.

Fellow NXT veteran Pete Dunne also wrestled recently on Main Event and he's gone back to his previous look and his original NXT theme music. There is no word on if/when Ciampa and Dunne will make their Raw/SmackDown debut.

Check out Ciampa's new look below and scroll down to leave your thoughts in the comments.