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Former WWE star shoots on Enzo Amore: “He absolutely believes his own bullsh**”

The stories being told on Enzo Amore keep piling up. This time, it’s ex-WWE Superstar Simon Grimm (formerly Simon Gotch). Gotch recently filmed a shoot video for RF Video and talked about some of the issues he had with Amore in and out of the ring. He said, “To give you the full rundown on Enzo – I will say, to his credit, he absolutely believes his own bullshit. He is 100% confident in himself to his detriment and the detriment of others around him. He’s an example of someone who has no excuse to not know wrestling, but he doesn’t know wrestling.”

Gotch told a story about Amore confusing Kalisto with Manny Fernandez. Kalisto’s real name is Manny Rodriguez and Amore apparently did not know who Manny Fernandez was even though Fernandez teamed with Dusty Rhodes decades ago and Amore has claimed that he grew up watching Dusty.

Gotch talked about Amore’s reputation for being clumsy in the ring and not being a good worker. “He broke his own leg trying to counter a wrist lock. Yeah, when he was in the wheelchair on NXT TV, that’s how it happened – he broke his own leg trying to counter a wristlock. He blamed it on the canvas being loose.”

Later, Gotch told another story. “So he’s almost touching the rope about a quarter of the way off because I don’t want him to be too close or Cass will tag him. I go – I start running with him [and] I’m ghosting him the whole way, my hands are here and here, just holding him. [He is] running, running, running. He starts to slide…boom, hits. I follow through, ‘yeah, motherfucker! Yeah.’ I go out of the ring [and] I look at him. I’m like, ‘Man, he’s selling the shit out of this, cool.’ I go to grab him. I’m a light touch with grabbing because I know how much that sucks when someone just grabs you and just fucking – so literally, fingers on temples, side of the head. He comes with me. I’m like, ‘okay, he’s good.’ Rudy Charles, the referee, [says] we’re in replays, so I let go of him, turn around, start jaw-jacking with the crowd, I turn back around I see this, I see the ‘X’. I go, ‘aww fuck. He’s out.'”

Gotch said that he and Aiden English immediately were jobbed out on the next night on Raw and during subsequent matches with Big Cass. These stories line up with the previous stories that have gotten out in recent weeks. For those of you that haven’t kept up, here are some of the recent news items on Amore’s reputation in and out of the ring:

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In the preview clip, Gotch also talked about The Great Khali’s hygiene, seeing Al Snow at a Chikara show, Terry Taylor, paranoia in FCW, Dusty Rhodes, the fight with Sin Cara, Randy Orton, John Cena, how he found out about his release from WWE, and more.

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