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WATCH: Alicia Fox and Mickie James tell a dirty joke, their most embarrassing moment, thoughts on Becky Lynch, more

Mickie James Alicia Fox

2018 was a year of "firsts" with women taking center stage in WWE and it looks like they are taking things to the next level in 2019. It's looking like women in WWE are about to make history again as Vince McMahon is seriously considering having them as the main event for this year's WrestleMania 35. Last month, the women in WWE headlined Madison Square Garden for the first time.

We asked Mickie James and Alicia Fox their thoughts on how far women have come in the business.

James said, "I think women have been coming far for a very long time. I think it's awesome that we're finally getting the recognition that we deserve but we've been working very hard for this for a very long time and I just wanna make sure we give props to all the girls that pave the way..."

James briefly talked about Nick Aldis, her husband and current NWA World Heavyweight Champion. We asked her if he's going to sign with WWE one day. "Let's hope, let's hope," she said.

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Fox talked to us about some of the most embarrassing things that happen in the ring. "There's too many to count," she said. "I think when I was with one of my partners, I misstepped and fell off the apron. Or when I peed myself and then had to get bodyslammed."

Fox put over Becky Lynch as "amazing" and "an inspiration" before telling us a dirty joke.

You have to hear the joke for yourself but I'll just say that it has to do with eyelids and a circumcision. Check out the video below:

(Thanks to Adam Glyn)