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WATCH: Chris Jericho shows up at NJPW New Year Dash to attack Naito

New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Chris Jericho shocked the world when he jumped to New Japan Pro Wrestling and it looks like he's going to keep us all on our toes once again because he's not done in NJPW just yet.

Jericho's match against Kenny Omega was nothing short of epic at Wrestle Kingdom 12 and if you'd like to get all the best moments from that match in one entertaining video, you can click here.

But during New Japan's New Year's Dash event the next night, Jericho showed up once again but this time he was attacking a man who was in the other main event at Wrestle Kingdom. No, not Kazuchika Okada, (although I wouldn't count that out from happening eventually at this point) ... it was Tetsuya Naito who received a sneak attack from Y2J this time.

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This only goes to show Jericho isn't done with New Japan. After all, he's got a wildly successful t-shirt already in Hot Topic as part of the New Japan line. That probably should have been a pretty big clue that he might be sticking around for a bit longer.

But it's all good in Naito's world because even when he's getting jumped from behind, he's still going to remain his same old self. I just wonder how cool he'll be when a match eventually goes down between the two of them.

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