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WATCH: James Ellsworth finds his Intergender Championship in the trash

james ellsworth

You never know what can happen on the indie wrestling circuit. Big names often have a chance to mingle when they might not have been afforded the chance to do so in a bigger company.

Since his WWE release, James Ellsworth has committed to keeping Andy Kaufman's memory alive by defending an Intergender World Championship he had made up. He's been traveling around using this title as an incredible homage to the late comedian and has received some strong reactions for his great work. Ellsworth is one clever guy and loves being a heel but one recent incident could imply he has a challenger for his title who happens to also be a WWE Hall Of Famer.

While at a recent show Ellsworth seemed to lose track of his title for a moment and after an exhaustive search which included looking behind a broom, The Chinless Wonder found his treasure in the trash.

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It didn't take long for James to figure out who the culprit was when he turned around to see Madusa/Alundra Blayze standing there with a big grin on her face trying her best to seem innocent. If this could lead to a match between Ellsworth and Medusa that might be one worth making a road trip to see. Either way, this was a pretty entertaining bit.

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