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WATCH: James Ellsworth shoots on why he was released from WWE



James Ellsworth is the guest on this week's Talk Is Jericho podcast. Among the many topics, he talked about the end of his run in WWE.

He thinks that he got too comfortable and he thought that wearing a dog collar wasn't the best idea.

He talked about being on the 16-day tour of Europe and then returning to the United States for Smackdown Live. He didn't think anything was unusual until he got a text from Mark Carano asking for him to call. Carano told him that they decided to let him go because they think his storyline with Carmella had run its course.

Ellsworth feels that there is so much more left to do but he is not bitter because he had so much fun and he got to do so much. He says that he doesn't know the real reason why he was released but he thinks that he was getting too comfortable with his spot and maybe he shouldn't have spoken up about wearing the dog callar.

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On the podcast, Ellsworth talks about what is next for him, working against John Cena, Talking Smack, wrestling AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, surfing with Shinsuke Nakamura, and much more.

You can click here to listen to the podcast and click below to listen to the clip of Ellsworth talking about his release from WWE:

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