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WATCH: Nasty Boys return to the ring, Brian Knobbs is sober and looking great after weight loss

The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags, returned to the ring over the weekend for Germany’s Deutsche Wrestling Allianz and Independent Pro Wrestling Germany. According to, it’s their first time together in the ring as a team since 2015 and they have only wrestled a handful of matches in the last decade.

Both men didn’t take any bumps and Knobbs is said to really be hurting bad, likely due to the years of bumps he took on his knees and hips from diving elbows among other moves. To his credit, Knobbs has been working on getting his health in check and has lost a lot of weight during the past year. Click here to see his “before and after” photos. Knobbs made the decision last year to quit drinking so that has contributed to his weight loss.

Prior to his weight loss, there was concern from friends about his health issues. In 2004, he collapsed at a Willie Nelson concert and was rushed to the hospital. He was noticeably heavier during his run in TNA in 2010 and gained a considerable amount of weight until he decided to make lifestyle changes last year. The videos below show that he is still on track and has managed to keep the weight off.

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