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WATCH: The uncut version of Ultimate Deletion is wonderful

If you loved the Ultimate Deletion then this is going to make all of your senses dance in jubilation.

WWE might have made sure they apologized for Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy’s battle on the compound last week on Raw, but WWE recently put out a much longer version of their encounter including many things that initially hit the cutting room floor.

You can check out the entire match below which clocks in at around 18 minutes and it certainly tells an epic story.

The end result might be the same, but the journey that brought us to Bray Wyatt disappearing into the Lake Of Reincarnation is certainly much more complex. We can only assume that Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt aren’t done with each other just yet. Although Wyatt’s character might experience a change very soon, these two might be destined to fight for some time to come.

With Jeff Hardy rumored to return soon, who knows what the next chapter might be for the ongoing saga in the Woken Universe?

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