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What is going on with Brock Lesnar?



I'm surprised at the amount of emails sent in from readers asking what is going on with Brock Lesnar.

If it wasn't clear 2 weeks ago then it should be clear by now that the whole Brock Lesnar "no showing" Raw stuff is purely storyline. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported last week that the idea to have Lesnar "no show" a couple of weeks ago was a last minute decision as a way to play off the photo that Dana White posted on Twitter and to capitalize on some of the resentment from fans because Lesnar is a part-timer. WWE is hoping that this will get Reigns over to his detractors.

As noted earlier, although he was advertised for the show, Lesnar and Paul Heyman were not backstage at Raw in Detroit. In fact, the WWE app sent out an alert about an hour before Raw teasing a face-to-face confrontation even though Lesnar was not backstage.

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Vince McMahon announced on Raw that Reigns has been "temporarily suspended" which could be their way to keep Lesnar and Reigns separated until the "go home" show for WrestleMania. According to McMahon, Lesnar will be appearing on next week's show.

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