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Why Emma might be in the Raw Women's Title Match at No Mercy



Emma says she started the Women's Revolution in WWE and there's no convincing her otherwise. During her time in WWE she hasn't won too often but when she does Emma always makes a big deal about it.

Therefore, it's kind of a big deal that Emma has been inserted into the Raw Women's Title match at No Mercy. A lot of people have been wondering why WWE made a decision to go that direction.

Emma was inserted into the Raw Woman's Title match outta nowhere like an RKO. But it turns out there might be a really good reason why. Dave Meltzer speculated on Wrestling Observer Radio that Emma was placed in the match to take the loss.

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It's still unclear if WWE plans on changing the title at No Mercy but judging by the way championships have been changing hands like a hot potato recently we wouldn't be surprised. But Alexa Bliss makes a great champion so it also wouldn't shock us to see her retain or eventually get her title back.

Meltzer went on to speculate that WWE doesn't want Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, or Sasha Banks taking a loss right now so Emma will probably take the fall. This would set up any number of matches going forward. But Emma very well might be out of the equation after taking a loss. But who really knows?

But this isn't the end of the road for WWE's first Australian female Superstar because after all, she's still in a title match. There is always room for her to improve and impress in this kind of a spotlight match.

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