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Why NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III tickets are not selling very well



NXT is WWE's hot developmental brand. They're like the "Little Engine That Could" in a sense because they thought they could, they thought they could, and they did. They did it in a big way for quite a while and were having some of the best matches in pro wrestling due to their loaded roster. But in the few years since NXT's inception, most of their top stars have moved to the main roster leaving NXT without the same luster it used to possess.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn was a fantastic event loaded with incredible matches so tickets sold like hotcakes. The secondary market noticed this fact and bought up all they could when Brooklyn II took place but the same demand wasn't there. In one short year interest had fallen that much.

Now NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III is upon us and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports there are still a lot of tickets available and they're cheap. To put it into perspective there are still tickets available for SummerSlam starting at over $500, but tickets for TakeOver are starting at $25. That might be cheaper than parking in NYC.

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The scalpers and secondary market buyers didn't sell all of their tickets to NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, so they're not buying as many tickets for the latest TakeOver offering at the Barclays Center.

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