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WWE has cancelled another show

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WWE has cancelled another show

It looks like WWE is far from done with their budget cuts. In the last month, they’ve cut back on pyro, Renee Young’s Unfiltered show, and they’ve also cut back on Talking Smack as a weekly series.

The latest casualty of the budget cuts is Cathy Kelley’s NXT Insider show that aired on WWE’s social media platforms. I would expect more cuts over the next few months because they need to make up for the drop in revenue.

Last year’s profits were $30 million and the numbers are way down from this time last year. The company is not in financial trouble but there is some disappointment in the WWE Network subscriber numbers because the big subscriber growth expected after WrestleMania was nowhere near what they were expecting.

The budget cuts might be the reason why we have not heard much about the weekly UK show in the network. On his podcast, Jim Ross said that he does not know where things stand with the show but, as far as he knows, the project is not dead.

I guess we will find out soon enough if these budget cuts will affect the main product.

Here is the final episode of NXT Insider:

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