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The big news in the last 24 hours has been the return of Johnny Gargano to WWE as he showed up on Monday’s episode of Raw to do a promo then a promo segment with Theory. has additional details on his return.

It was said that many people in the company noted Gargano was brought back and didn't have a name change, which is an indication that the previous edict issued by Vince McMahon regarding wrestlers not being allowed to use their real names and previous independent wrestling ring names is now gone.

When this edict was issued, many wrestlers underwent name changes, including Gunther (WALTER), Raquel Rodriguez (Raquel Gonzalez), Theory (Austin Theory) and others. The memo only applied to the newer wrestlers.

Regarding Gargano, the report noted there was talk after the show that “Gargano was flown in by WWE on their corporate jet into Canada so that fans wouldn't spot him.” Candice LaRae was not backstage with Gargano.

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