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WWE Payback results: Big E vs. Sheamus



In the second match of the night on the WWE Payback main card, Big E took on Sheamus as Big E continues his run as a singles wrestler.

Notes written in real-time during the match:

They started out slow in the first few minutes but things slowly began to pick up around 5 minutes into the match. Sheamus worked on Big E's leg throughout the match. The pace picked up when Big E hit two consecutive belly to belly suplexes and a Uranage slam. Big E tried for the spear through the ropes but Sheamus caught him with a knee to the face and shoulder tackle over the top rope. Big E caught him with a belly to belly but Sheamus fought back with an Alabama Slam into a near fall. Moments later, Big E was able to connect with the spear through the ropes.

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Big E won the match with the Big Ending so his singles push continues. Big E yelled, "This is just the beginning!"

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