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WWE Payback results: Keith Lee defeated Randy Orton



In one of the featured matches on the show, Keith Lee took on Randy Orton at WWE Payback. Lee still has the generic music and they added something that looks like a toga during his entrance but he took that off and revealed that he's wearing the shorts that he used to wear in NXT so that's good news for many fans. He is still wearing the tight shirt, though.

Notes written during the match in real-time:

Lee got the first offense in on Orton with a crossbody as Orton was coming off the ring ropes. Orton was angry and yelled at Lee and then hit some hard chops to the chest but Lee got angry and hit a double chop to the chest of Orton and punches to the body but Orton fought back by shoving Lee's left shoulder into the ring post as Lee was charging at Orton in the corner. Orton also picked up and dropped Lee on the announcer's table.

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When they got in the ring, Lee turn things around by doing the running tackle that ended up launching Orton across the ring. Lee then picked up and slammed Orton onto the announcer's table. Back in the ring, Lee countered an RKO into the sprit bomb and then he pinned Orton, clean.

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