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WWE PC sings "happy birthday" to Triple H, WWE star mocks GFW pay, Nakamura leaving? + more



Here are some WWE news and notes:

The entire crew at the WWE Performance Center sang "happy birthday" to Triple H. Unfortunately, his best friend (the one and only Shawn Michaels) was not in the mood to sing to his best friend. Check out the video below:

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Emma joked about her "opportunity" on Raw last week. For those of you that missed it, she was squashed by Nia Jax but also teased that she would date Kurt Angle's son Jason Jordan if she was not given more opportunities:

WWE is working on updating more of their On Demand content to include an option with Spanish-language commentary. For those of you that speak Spanish, you can expect those changes to happen over the next few months.

Mike Kanellis replied to a fan on Twitter that said that he and wife Maria are still seen as a joke. Kanellis fired back with this tweet:

For those of you that missed some of the trending WWE news stories from the last 24 hours, click here to read about the incident with Braun Strowman at a bar last week. Also, there is talk of another Superstar Shake-Up but this time, some of the main roster stars could be moving down to NXT. Click here to read more on that story. And finally... Is Shinsuke Nakamura already planning for return to New Japan?