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WWE's official injury report on Shane McMahon after SmackDown Live



During the closing moments of SmackDown Live this week, Shane McMahon created another match pitting Sami Zayn against Kevin Owens and he booked it for WrestleMania 34. The Yep Movement came to the ring and seemed to have a problem with this booking decision so they beat McMahon all around the ring.

Before the assault on Shane which included putting his head in a steel folding chair and ramming it against the ring post, McMahon had actually announced an indefinite hiatus from his position as an authority figure on SD Live.

"After announcing he would be taking an indefinite leave of absence from his role as SmackDown Live Commissioner," said in an official statement on the matter. "Shane McMahon was brutally attacked by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, whom he had just placed into a match against each other at WrestleMania. McMahon suffered several injuries during the attack, can confirm."

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"He sustained a laryngeal contusion when the steel chair was wrapped around his head and thrown into the turnbuckle [...] He was then thrown onto the metal rack, which resulted in trapezius and rhomboid strains."

This might sound like a generic description of an injury which was probably the intention. However, even if he was legitimately injured it might be unlikely that they would say exactly what was wrong because he's a McMahon.

But the storyline is that Shane McMahon was injured at the hands of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. So it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Shane-O Mac finds himself inserted into the Mania fray in one way or another.

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