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AAA owner Dorian Roldan reportedly interested in buying Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

If you haven't been watching Impact Wrestling in recent months, the in-ring part of the show has been solid and the shows have been better overall. Their big problem is that they are a tainted brand and they need to generate some revenue and enough buzz so they can tour and make money from ticket sales, merchandise and pay-per-view buys. It's a tough hill to climb but, if AAA Owner Dorian Roldan gets his way, there could be some big changes coming.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported this week that Dorian Roldan has been telling people that he is interested in buying Impact. AAA and Lucha Underground have a working relationship with Impact and AAA has been trying to expand their product into the United States.

The exact quote from the Observer: "Dorian Roldan, who runs AAA, has told several people that he’s looking at buying Impact. We don’t know if that’s just talk or something serious."

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At this point, there is nothing that has been said or done publicly that would indicate that Anthem, Impact's parent company, is looking to sell but we'll keep tabs on this story if anything develops.

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