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Daniel Bryan says Zack Sabre Jr may have passed him awhile ago in technical ability

People all over the world widely regard the Greatest Of All Time as Daniel Bryan (or Bryan Danielson as he was known before WWE wanted to copyright his name). Before his WWE run he competed all over the world putting on amazing matches and creating passionate fans with his technical wrestling ability.

In the new generation of wrestlers moving up in the world’s rankings Zack Sabre Jr is certainly on the top of many people’s lists. It’s a shame WWE wasn’t able to secure ZSJ to a contract after the Cruiserweight Classic but he obviously saw bigger and better things elsewhere.

Now as Daniel Bryan is the General Manager of SmackDown Live he has a chance to sit back and watch more than ever. Bryan can study wrestling and although he probably noticed Sabre Jr’s amazing talent before he had to call it quits it would be a terrible mistake to discount his ability.

Daniel Bryan recently replied to a social media message saying how no disrespect was intentional but Zack Sabre Jr might be passing The Bearded GOAT in wrestling ability. Daniel put all of his pride to the side when he responded that ZSJ might have passed him “awhile ago” in that regard.

That is just about the highest praise you can get if you want to take it down to brass tacks. Maybe we’ll be seeing Zack Sabre Jr take another crack at WWE in due time. But for now, whenever there’s a ZSJ match on it might be a good idea to watch it, if anything because Daniel Bryan would.

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