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Eva Marie posts awesome new photo from upcoming movie



Eva Marie may not be returning to WWE but there will be no shortage of All Red Everything even though her hair isn't red anymore. She's got a lot of work ahead of her and it seems like every time we turn around Eva Marie is slated to appear on another big project.

When she left WWE a lot of people assumed her gimmick was given to Lana. Eva Marie had her own opinion on that but in all honesty, it probably doesn't matter to her because Eva's doing just fine on her own.

Eva Marie is slated to star in the upcoming film Inconceivable starring Nicolas Cage and she's got another great looking film in the pipeline too. Eva is going play a bounty hunter in the soon-to-be-released film Action No. 1. This movie will be about a guy who's Action No 1 comic book winds up stolen and he enlists in Eva Marie's help to retrieve his precious comic book containing the first appearance of Superman. Eva Marie recently noted in an episode of Wrestling Observer Live that the story is loosely based on something that happened to Nicolas Cage himself.

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The plot of Action No. 1 looks like it gets a little intense at times as evidence from the photo below. We can only assume this is what the photo is from unless Eva Marie recently posed for some kind of sexy bloody photoshoot.

Regardless it's still great to see Eva Marie, no matter how roughed up she appears to be. Although we're willing to bet at least some of the blood on her face came from other people.

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