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Former Trump advisor is lobbying for Hulk Hogan to run for U.S. Senate in Florida

Hulk Hogan could be the next celebrity to run for U.S. Senate in Florida. That is if a former advisor to President Donald Trump gets his way.

Roger Stone, the first prominent Republican to back Donald Trump during his presidential run, has been backing candidates with very limited political experience and he wants Hulk Hogan to run. Trump ended his official relationship with Stone in 2015. GOP consultant Patrick Slevin asked Stone about Us. Rep. Ron DeSantis’ plan to run for the governor of Florida but the talk quickly shifted to Hogan.

The Washington Post quoted Stone as saying, “At the moment, I am more focused on persuading Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, to challenge Governor Rick Scott for the U.S. Senate nomination in 2018,” Stone told Slevin. “At a minimum, I hope to convince Hogan to body slam Scott in every debate. If the governor is under the impression that his personal responsibility for $1 billion in Medicaid fraud is no longer an issue, he’s wrong.”

Hogan had previously teased running for the presidency of the United States when he was in WCW. He pushed a Presidential run on WCW television and in the media but it wasn’t taken seriously. It will be interesting to see if Hogan actually considers this. He is probably set for life after winning his lawsuit against Gawker and these days he seems happy running “Hogan’s Beach Shop” in Tampa and Orlando.

During a 2011 appearance on “Fox and Friends,” Hogan proposed a “flat tax across the board.” In 2008, he backed Barack Obama but switched his political party allegiance in 2012 when he backed Mitt Romey.

Hogan remains persona non grata with WWE and there’s been no talk of him being at the Raw 25th anniversary show. Hogan did address the “Raw 25” speculation on Twitter. Click here to find out what he said.

In regards to a potential political career, I guess you can say “never say never, brother.” We’ll see how things play out.

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