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Great news for Rey Mysterio’s current injury status

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Great news for Rey Mysterio’s current injury status

If you were worried that Rey Mysterio’s recent injury might keep him out of action then you are not alone. But it looks like there is good news in that department because apparently, the results of Mysterio’s evaluation following his scare at a NEW indie wrestling show isn’t as bad as some thought.

The Wrestling Observer reports Mysterio’s injury is a grade 1 bicep strain which is just about the best news you could get regarding an injury like his. Since grade 1 only means there is a minor overstretching or pulling of the muscle then that would mean Mysterio should be good to go very soon without having to miss any scheduled dates. There is currently no estimate on if he’ll be out of action at all which is great news for Mysterio since there are no tearing of muscle or tendon fibers in his bicep.

If WWE was planning on bringing him back sooner than later, this kind of news certainly leaves the door open to that happening. Then again, Dave Meltzer also wrote in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that this injury wasn’t said to affect talks with WWE at all.

As always, we’ll let you know when we hear anything else in this situation but it looks like Rey Mysterio’s injury isn’t anywhere as bad as once thought.

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