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Kazuchika Okada lays down huge challenge for The Rock



There are plenty of dream matches we would all love to see but some of them might be out of the realm of possibility. Although it would be excellent to watch Okada vs The Rock go down, it isn't likely. However, that won't stop Kazuchika from trying.

Kazuchika Okada is one of the best pro wrestlers on the planet and some would say New Japan Pro Wrestling's current top babyface is the greatest pro wrestler today. So naturally, a match with Okada vs anyone great would be worth watching, especially if you're talking about The Great One himself.

Dave Meltzer had the chance to interview Okada for Wrestling Observer Radio last week when he asked the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion if he had anyone in mind who he would like to face that isn't in NJPW.

"The Rock!" Okada replied without giving his translator time to relay the question because he understood what Meltzer was asking.

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Okada's eagerness to face The People's Champ might find some difficulty because Dwayne Johnson can't even wrestle for WWE at this point due to all the insurance money movie studios lay down to have his name attached to their projects. But we can always dream.

In the meantime, it looks like Kazuchika Okada is going to keep sending messages out to The Rock concerning a possible match. Maybe someday we'll see it happen, but it would certainly require an awful lot of maneuvering to pull off.

However, if it ever did actually go down, it could be one of the biggest pro wrestling matches of all time. But in the meantime, we can always debate about who would win in a battle of The Rainmaker vs the Rock Bottom.

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