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Matt Hardy critiques WWE's Compound Match between New Day and The Wyatt Family



In a recent interview with Uproxx, Matt Hardy went into detail about many things. But while conducting the interview he also revealed his opinion of the Compound Match between the New Day and Wyatt Family. After all, many assumed at the time and still hold the opinion that WWE was trying to copy the Broken Matt Hardy inspired Total Nonstop Deletion idea.

As it turns out, Hardy also thought the match was rather interesting about how it all played out. He also had some constructive critisim to share as well.

"I did get to witness some of that, yes. Very, very interesting. I understood that they — The Day of New traveled to the Wyatt compound, and while they were there they had a little bit of a fight … a little bit of a battle. And I saw it, and I think there were some things about it that were very interesting."

"The things that I would probably be critical of is that it was a little short, and I don’t know if we got a good conclusion, or if it continued to add to the story of what was going on. And in some ways, I felt like maybe it tried to take itself too serious, because sometimes when you’re in environments that are fantastical, you have to remember, like, it’s important to have fun. And I think sometimes, in that scenario, it’s almost presented a little too serious."

He went on to comment in an interesting fashion what he thinks would happen if Bray Wyatt were ever thrown into the Lake Of Reincarnation.

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"That’s a very interesting question. I would first be concerned he’s gonna come back as a disgusting “Husky Harris.” That would be my first concern. The second concern, which isn’t as much a concern but would be my hope, is that between myself and the Seven Deities, if we could delete this demon that lives within him, this Sister Abigail, we could dump him in and he could return to the force that he used to be."

"Because many, many years ago, Bray Wyatt — the soul that is within him, that is suppressed — was once … was not a bad guy. But this Sister Abigail is the one that has really taken over his vessel and made him into something evil. So, I’m hoping we can get Bray Wyatt to where he needs to be, because he actually could, in the future, potentially be a wonderful soldier of the light. We just have to get rid of that notorious nefarious Sister Abigail."

Hardy's battles with Bray Wyatt is the first chance for the WWE Universe to witness Woken Matt Hardy in a singles feud. But since these two aren't booked for a Royal Rumble encounter, we can only assume WWE is holding off on this rivalry's crescendo until another time, maybe even WrestleMania.

But in the meantime, the WWE Universe will have to wait and see if Vince McMahon and Company can recapture the magic from that first run within the Broken Universe as part of their competition.

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