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More incidents involving Alberto El Patron that have not been reported, Alberto's lawyer sends letter to GFW



There is an update on the situation with Alberto El Patron and Global Force Wrestling in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter. As far as we know, he is still suspended and he was not used for the live events in New York last weekend. Eli Drake cut a promo on him and asked why GFW is using him as the face of the company. If you missed it, click here to check out the promo.

Dave Meltzer reported that Alberto's lawyer sent GFW a letter asking them why he was still suspended when he was not charged in the airport incident with Paige. The problem is that there are constant issues with him. Many of them happened outside of GFW but there was a blow up backstage between Alberto and Paige several weeks ago and there have been other things that have happened that have gone unreported but people in the company know about them.

The fear is that another incident will happen. Other promoters have chosen not to book for him for that same reason.

Here are just some of the stories on Alberto from the past 13 months:

7/12/17 - GFW suspends Alberto El Patron due to domestic battery investigation

7/11/17 - Paige’s brother speaks out about Alberto, claims he beats her

7/8/17- Alberto El Patron says he will be waiting for The Usos, New Day and Triple H on Tuesday night

7/3/17 - Alberto El Patron (with Paige at ringside) rips WWE after Slammiversary went off the air

5/5/17 - Really bad argument between Alberto El Patron and Paige backstage at recent Impact tapings

4/30/17 - Alberto El Patron’s “Inside The Ropes” show postponed indefinitely

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There's also that time in 2015 when he went missing for a couple of days.