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News on Tom Zenk’s funeral, what he was doing during his final years

There were new details on Tom Zenk in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Zenk’s funeral took place on 1/13 in Minneapolis and there was no talk about the cause of death. They are still waiting for results from the Medical Examiner’s Office. Someone did mention that Zenk battled addictions.

One of Zenk’s brothers wore a Z-Man WCW shirt. There weren’t many wrestling people at the funeral, probably because he didn’t keep in touch with many wrestling people after he retired in the late 90’s.

Jim Brunzell posted a photo from the funeral on Facebook (you can click here to see it) so it looks like he was one of the few wrestlers that attended. Zenk had gotten back into the gym about a year ago but people that hadn’t seen him in a while would probably not have been able to recognize him because his face changed and because of the weight loss.

The family spoke at the funeral and they mentioned how much time he spent caring for his father. Zenk’s father was not able to attend because he is dying. Since disappearing from wrestling, Zenk had worked different jobs including investigations at a law office, bodyguard work, and personal training.

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