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NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III results: Asuka vs. Ember Moon - NXT Women's Championship



The Empress Of Tomorrow made her way into Brooklyn with the NXT Women's Championship and she didn't plan on giving up her prize without a fight. To say some of this match got stiff is an understatement but what else would you expect from Asuka?

Asuka was the longest-running current WWE Champion as she walked into the Barclays Center and she didn't plan on letting the Eclipse happen before the big Solar Eclipse on Monday.

Ember got things started early with a kick to Asuka's head and a basement dropkick for a one count. Asuka looked like she was fighting from the bottom from the start. Moon hit a suplex and Asuka rolled out only to be chased by Moon. Asuka ate a top rope cannonball to the floor but soon turned things around for herself when she planted Moon into the ring steps and then followed it up with a suplex on the entrance ramp.

Once they returned to the ring Asuka kept Moon down for a bit while she wrenched on Moon's shoulder. Ember fought out of it the best she could but Asuka kept applying the pressure and hit an STO.

Moon countered a shoulder submission into a teardrop suplex but Asuka wouldn't stay down for long. She hit Moon with a German suplex to the corner and tried to get on the Asuka Lock. Moon tried to apply her own version of the Asuka Lock, but The Empress Of Tomorrow soon got her OG version on until Ember drove her into the canvas to break the hold.

Moon hit a running lariat to send Asuka to the mat while Moon tried to shake some life back into her shoulder.

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After a little more action Ember hit Asuka with the Eclipse 1-2-kickout! Ember went for another Eclipse but Asuka pulled the ref in front of her like the true heel she is. But it didn't phase Ember as she just hit Asuka with a nice cross body over the ref which Asuka rolled around for a pin. Asuka was grabbing Moon's tights for leverage but the ref saw it go down and stopped the count.

Asuka soon got Ember Moon in the Asuka Lock out of nowhere and Moon had no choice by to submit.

Winner and still NXT Women's Champion: Asuka

After an insane amount of punishment, these two women took each other to their breaking point. There were a couple nice 2 3/4 counts as well.

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