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SPOILER: New tag team debuts at NXT television taping



NXT is a place where Superstars can really find their footing and become better as the WWE Performance Center grooms them into being much more well-rounded pro wrestlers.

Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake have been somewhat forgotten about and it looks like that they're going to let that play out on television. Cutler and Blake debuted as a tag team during the latest set of television tapings at Center Stage in Atlanta where they are now going as The Forgotten Sons.

It certainly looks like this is going to be a full repackaging for these two because they even had their own video package with the new name displayed as well.

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It's a rather catchy name, to be honest, and The Forgotten Sons certainly kicked things off the right way as they went over at the tapings.

It might be only a matter of time before Blake and Cutler are serious players in the NXT Tag Team Division.

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