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Vince McMahon didn't get why Chris Jericho would join Fozzy



Fozzy is the main reason why Chris Jericho takes a break from WWE nowadays. The fact his body deserves a little rest after an amazing career is probably a very good reason too. But it seems whenever Y2J leaves the active roster anymore it's to tour with his rock band.

During a recent episode of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard the guys discussed SummerSlam 2002. By the way, if you'd like to know everything that went into this year's wild SummerSlam, you should pick up my new book: Planning The Biggest Party Of The Summer 2017.

One interesting note during the podcast came when Bruce Prichard revealed the fact that from the get-go Vince McMahon didn't quite understand why Chris Jericho would want to be a rock star in the first place.

To start off his revelation, Bruce did his Vince McMahon impression and said: "What's with this Fuzzy sh-t? I don't get it. Does he wanna be a wrestler or a singer?!"

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"Vince really didn't get [Chris Jericho joining Fozzy] but it was an opportunity to let Jericho do something else and change up his character somewhat" Prichard continued. "So why not? Give it a try and if Chris was successful with it, it benefits WWE and vice versa. So why not try it and he was able to change up the Jericho character somewhat and still staying true to the Y2J character."

It is really a good thing Vince McMahon let Chris Jericho pursue his musical interest back in the day or else he might not have stuck around as long as he has. We also wouldn't have Fozzy's song "Judas" which is just incredible, so there's that too.

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