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Why Triple H asked Vince McMahon not to call Asuka up to the main roster



Every NXT star wants to eventually see themselves on the WWE main roster. But some stars are more valuable in WWE's developmental territory even though they could also serve a vital role on either of WWE's main roster brands.

Asuka is one woman who has run roughshod over the NXT roster during her amazing run as champion. She continues to rack up impressive accomplishments, and as it turns out it was mostly thanks to Triple H.

Triple H recently spoke to USA Today's "For The Win" where he discussed how important Asuka is to the NXT roster. It turns out Asuka is the one person Trips told Vince McMahon he couldn't stand to lose.

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“I would never want to limit someone’s growth or their opportunities, but when Vince brought it up to me, I said the one person we can’t afford to lose is Asuka. You could take everybody else you want to take – and trust me, he did – but I need her as anchor. If I lose her and everybody else, I’m doomed.”

“It’s the faith to say that you’re that person and to say that if you hold that championship that the belief is there in you to lead a division or a company or a group and to be in that position. For somebody like her, here’s that faith for that long of a period of time and we’re not beating you, we’re keeping a championship on you and keeping it fresh. That’s a pretty bold statement of how good you are.”

We're not saying Asuka won't ever be called up to the main roster because sooner or later, it's bound to happen. It might even happen on August 21st, what do we know? But Triple H obviously saw the Empress Of Tomorrow's value and used her well as a tentpole in the NXT Women's Division for as long as he could.

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