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WWE appears to be actively erasing Enzo Amore

When WWE releases someone they usually keep their name around for a while, at least on the alumni page. But it looks like Enzo Amore is gone from WWE and they might want to keep it that way and not let anyone know he was once there.

Not only is all the remaining Enzo Amore merchandise on WWE’s shop on an extreme discount which is similar to what they’ve done with previous Superstars who unceremoniously left the company, but his name has been totally removed from the Superstars page as well.

To add even more confirmation to these assumptions that WWE is washing Enzo Amore from the company, his image seems to be totally removed from their trucks as well. It looks like they really wanted to get Enzo Amore’s face off of the WWE truck in a hurry too because it appears they just cut his image out of the wrap that goes around the truck to leave a void where the Realest Guy In The Room once resided.

If you’d like to brush up on the recent events surrounding the Enzo Amore situation, you can click here.

Amore’s still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and the investigation is still ongoing with no charges being pressed at this time. But it certainly looks like WWE is getting ahead of things and they did so in a hurry.

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