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WWE Hall Of Famer undergoes another surgery



It's never a good thing when a WWE Hall Of Famer needs surgery, especially someone like Jim Ross. After all, he's a very busy man and doesn't have for surgery. But unfortunately, he recently had to make time.

Good 'ole JR had his first of several eye surgeries a couple weeks ago and it looks like he's due for another procedure.

It looks like this kind of surgery is routine which is good because that seems to imply there is less risk involved. But still, it would certainly be preferable if JR didn't have to go under the knife.

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We would like to wish the speediest of recoveries to Jim Ross because he's got a pretty full calendar booked in the next few weeks. Let's hope he's able to heal up in time for WrestleMania Weekend where there's a pretty high likelihood that he'll be doing something during this year's Show Of Shows.

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