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WWE Officials reportedly pitching ideas for Enzo Amore to be moved off Raw



Alright, let's talk about Enzo Amore because he's the Realest Guy In The Room. But some backstage might also refer to him as "the guy you'd least like to talk to in any room." Even when Corey Graves was trying to say he wanted Enzo "on the team" during Bring It To The Table it was still surrounded by negative connotations about Amore's behavior. It's hard to be chill with someone who's so hyped up all the time and bragging about his night hanging with celebrities when you're just trying to decompress backstage.

Recent reports on Enzo haven't been good either. From being thrown off a tour bus by Roman Reigns to the alleged tale from a scorned stripper if Enzo's life was a movie it would certainly be Rated R and not in the good way Edge made it look.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports WWE officials are currently pitching ideas that would see Enzo taken off of Raw. Word is they are trying to get him as far away from Vince McMahon as possible which could mean a move to 205 Live or back to NXT. It was said the straw that broke the camel's back was when Enzo was heard talking very loudly on his phone about how much money he was making while belittling the business.

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Moving Enzo to either shows would be a wise move if they're just going to use him as a crash test dummy on Raw. He could be a Conor McGregor type character on 205 Live if given the opportunity and might shine in a roll where he can be hated and loved at the same time. However moving him back to NXT could be an even bigger statement.

With the current angle leading up to SummerSlam with Big Cass it might not be until September when we see something happen to Enzo. But if these new reports are correct, don't get used to seeing the Smack Talker Skywalker on Monday Night Raw for very much longer.

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