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WWE planning on signing lots of Mae Young Classic participants



The Mae Young Classic is going to be a pretty big deal if WWE has anything to do with it. The 32 woman tournament will showcase the abilities of some of the world's premier female talent but it turns out WWE might want more from some of these ladies than a simple tournament appearance.

Although some women in the Mae Young Classic already have a WWE contract many of them are working on open deals that only include this tournament. However, with the response WWE is receiving from these ladies it's hard to imagine WWE would want to let some of them go at this point.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that the word he's heard from sources in WWE would imply they are looking to sign a lot of these women to actual contracts. Whether they just sign them to NXT contracts or full-fledged WWE deals is unknown but it's could very well be a mixture of the two.

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It was reported WWE doesn't want to sign all 32 women but Alvarez hinted at the fact WWE could be signing up to ten of them. The attitude backstage was very impressive and apparently, some of these ladies came in looking for brass rings to grab and many of them did just that.

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