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WWE website accidentally revealed the original plans for John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura



It looks like someone on forgot to proofread their article before it was published after Smackdown Live. The Smackdown Live recap that was published talked about Baron Corbin interfering in the match between John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura but having his plan backfire. Plans changed but the wording on the website was not updated.

Here is what was written:

The following week, The Leader of the Cenation squared off against The King of Strong Styine in an intense showdown to see who would have the right to challenge The Modern-Day Maharaja for the WWE Title. With the two Superstars going toe-to-toe in the heart-stopping bout, Baron Corbin suddenly interfered. While The Lone Wolf seemed intent on handing Nakamura the defeat, the plan backfired, and he inadvertently helped his nemesis pick up an incredible victory over Cena.

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Instead, it was a clean finish and Corbin attacked Nakamura after the match when Smackdown Live went off the air. If you want to see the post-match angle, click here. It's not clear if Vince McMahon changed his mind at the last minute or if John Cena insisted on putting over Nakamura clean without interference.

There has been speculation that Nakamura would defeat Mahal for the title at SummerSlam and then Corbin would cash-in immediately. We don't know if this is still the plan, but the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE had plans for Corbin to become the WWE Champion by the end of this year. Mahal was not originally planned to win the title so it's possible that plans may have changed for Corbin.

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