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WWE's reported main roster plans for two popular NXT stars



When pro wrestling fans first heard about Ricochet coming to WWE there was a ton of excitement. After all, the man has traveled all over the globe for years leaving everyone in awe of his outstanding talent. But WWE's plans for him might have a glass ceiling attached.

Lio Rush is also an incredible talent and has a lot of potential as well. Although he might have stirred up some controversy after a social media fauxpas following Tenille Dashwood's WWE release it is said WWE officials still see a lot of promise in the young Superstar.

But Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he keeps hearing people say Ricochet and Lio Rush are being groomed for 205 Live. The talk is apparently a "sooner than later" kind of situation as well.

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If this happened it would be easy to picture Ricochet as a top name in 205 Live and to be honest, he could be the face of the show. But it is still a bit disappointing considering the fact that he has a lot of potential which might remain untapped if he were relegated to the Cruiserweight Division.

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