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Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt's Ultimate Deletion Match could be coming sooner than expected



Woken Matt Hardy is in WWE and he's been battling with Bray Wyatt since his emergence. This is a feud between two men who made speaking in riddles, grinning and laughing manically their calling cards and now they are set to battle at the Hardy Compound in an Ultimate Deletion match. The only question is when WWE will air it.

PW Insider reports that WWE is filming footage for the Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt Ultimate Deletion match today which is taking place at the Hardy Compound in North Carolina.

At this time there is no word whether Senor Benjamin, Reby Hardy, King Maxwell, or Wolfgang will be a part of the segment but we can always keep our fingers crossed.

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Sources have indicated Jeff Hardy is slated to return to the WWE Performance Center later this month and there is no word whether he's been officially cleared at this point. But there's always the chance Brother Nero might be making an appearance as well.

We'll have to wait and see how WWE's incarnation of the Hardy Compound might pan out but we're certainly excited.

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