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Reason why filmmaker Jon Bravo is taking so long to release his next video on WWE steroid connection



Richard Rodriguez was the head of a large steroid operation that was busted by the DEA in February 2017. Wellness Fitness Nutrition was raided and their electronics were seized which contained valuable client contact information and now Jon Bravo has Rodriguez's laptop.

Through a series of videos, Bravo has uncovered information he found on the laptop and some of the evidence pointed toward WWE and Roman Reigns specifically. Now a longer video is on the way and it promises to contain the names of 15 WWE Superstars from the past and present who were customers of WFN including one legend who spent around $140,000 on PEDs.

But this longer video still hasn't been released yet as we approach three weeks since Bravo's last installment and there is a very good reason why he's been silent on YouTube. Through Bravo's Instagram, he has kept interested parties updated on the progress of the video and the fact is he wants to do this documentary correctly. He has no vendetta against anyone and just wants to paint a truthful picture of the subject matter. So everything has to be done correctly with facts behind everything he says.

Bravo said the reason Roman Reigns' information was so hard to pinpoint was that he used aliases with Richard Rodriguez as well. He also said during a recent Instagram story that he had to go back and re-edit the video because he noticed a portion of something Richard Rodriguez said didn't have proof to back it up in the files.

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Therefore, it looks like Bravo is back to the editing bay because he needs to trim something out. But he promised another video is on the way and it will be well worth the wait.

In the meantime, Bravo did confirm a few details concerning people he has evidence of in a recent update. From the sound of things, Luther Reigns and Rick Bassman might only be the tip of the iceberg, but Jon Bravo just wants to make sure it's done correctly.


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