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Scott Hall to wrestle a match on the WWE Raw 25th anniversary show?



Scott Hall is the guest this week on Sean Waltman's "Xpac 12360" podcast. He talked about a variety of topics including Larry Zbyszko, the first big angle on Raw where Hall put Waltman on the map when he put him over, not catching Waltman on a moonsault during the famous match on Raw, and much more.

There was an interesting tidbit from Hall regarding the Raw 25th anniversary show and it sounds like there is a chance that he will actually be wrestling on the show.

Hall said, "I just got a text from the office that said, 'Please bring your ring gear.' I said, 'Are you ribbing me? You're going to tell me like three or four days in advance, ya know?' Give me a little notice and for the right money, I'll have abs showing. I said, 'Now, how about I bring what I wear to appearances?' I've got gimmick street clothes. But I think we're going to have a rematch, so I'm just giving you a heads up. I think it's about time I went over."

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This interview was conducted before Kevin Nash announced that he was pulling out of the show so we won't be seeing an Outsiders reunion on the show. Click here to read more on why Nash will not be at Raw.

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