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Top WWE United Kingdom Superstars on their way to the United States very soon



WWE has made an impression on the international scene and they're looking to further spread their reach across the globe. The WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament and the United Kingdom Title matches which followed were superb. WWE really does pluck some of the best whenever they recruit from a new territory. There was serious talk of having a WWE United Kingdom weekly television show as well and it was jump started by rumors of competition in the UK market.

The WWE UK roster aired one special and it was amazing. But since WWE Network started cutting all those shows there hasn't been any real talk about bringing the United Kingdom roster back for any tapings. The news of iTV's World Of Sport show stalling in production also gave WWE the ability to pump the breaks a little bit.

But if you miss seeing the WWE UK roster, then this is going to be good news because Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Wolfgang, Pete Dunne, and Mark Andrews are going to be brought in to the United States in a few months. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter didn't specify what role these UK Superstars would play, but it was theorized they might be brought in for the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III show...TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE AND HERE'S WHY.

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These incredible talents could also be brought in for the set of NXT television tapings which are going to happen after SummerSlam, but who knows what kind of fun these guys could get into while they're stateside?

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