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Very exciting news on Woken Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt Ultimate Deletion match

Blackmass Design/ Instagram/MattHardyBrand

Blackmass Design/ Instagram/MattHardyBrand

The Woken Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt feud is getting very interesting and it's been delightful so far. Plenty of smiles and laughs were shared between the Woken One and The Eater Of Worlds and now there will be a grand Ultimate Deletion.

We previously reported that the Ultimate Deletion match was being filmed yesterday at the Hardy Compound and now there is even more exciting news to report from the shoot.

Jeremy Borash was instrumental in much of the Broken Hardys story in Impact Wrestling and was a key creative force in The Final Deletion. He recently signed with WWE and PW Insider reports that he was involved in the filming at the Hardy Compound yesterday. Borash was on location working with the shoot and Shawn Bennett was also on hand as the referee.

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Let's hope the Ultimate Deletion can capture some of the magic of the Broken Universe. It certainly appears as though they have the proper tools to make it happen.

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