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WWE may have finally put an end to spoilers leaking out before pay-per-views

Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose

If you are wondering why the betting sites were off with their SummerSlam odds, it looks like WWE has finally figured out how to get results from getting out. For most pay-per-views, the smart money has reflected the actual PPV match results but they were off for SummerSlam and the smart money never came in. The belief was that someone on the staff was betting on matches and match results would get out, thus leading to smart money coming in. Oftentimes, the smart money would not come in until a few hours before the show because that is when Vince McMahon makes up his mind on key matches.

Shinsuke Nakamura, for example, was favored to win his match against Jinder Mahal. Rusev was also favored for his match with Randy Orton.

Time will tell if WWE has been able to permanently stop the leaks from getting out but if that is indeed the case then the era of spoilers getting out before pay-per-views is over.

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