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Good news for Rey Mysterio's talks with WWE



The last thing we wanted to hear about Rey Mysterio is that he's injured, especially since talks with WWE are getting more serious.

But Mr. 6-1-9 did go down during a recent match at a Connecticut indie wrestling show and the initial reports were that his biceps might be torn on his left arm and it certainly looked bruised enough to be injured.

But PW Insider reports good news because those who have spoken to Mysterio were led to believe that Rey Rey only suffered a partially torn bicep muscle while working at the Northeast Wrestling show last weekend.

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Mysterio was examined by a doctor this week, but the actual diagnosis wasn't released at the time of this writing.

It was also reported this injury is not hindering any progress of discussions with WWE either which is a very good sign as well. The two sides are scheduled to sit down and try to negotiate a new deal.

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