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Kurt Angle calls Zack Sabre Jr future legend, Eat Wendy's like Jim Cornette



One of the coolest parts of the internet is the fact that so many things live online and all you have to do is find them. Social media savant Brian The Guppie is becoming known for finding pro wrestling gems and posting them on his accounts. He recently tweeted a short video out to Kurt Angle of his match in Revolution Pro Wrestling against Zack Sabre Jr.

Zack Sabre Jr had a cup of coffee in WWE last year as part of the Cruiserweight Classic. He had a great showing but since he didn't sign a contract with WWE unfortunately, he didn't win the whole tournament. If he had signed a contract with WWE he very well might have become the Cruiserweight Champion rather than TJ Perkins.

The clip sof the match from Revolution Pro Wrestling consisted of some great technical wrestling. There were counters to counters and Kurt Angle came out on top. But one thing is for sure Angle and Sabre Jr were very impressive.

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Kurt Angle responded by saying Zack Sabre Jr is a future legend and the real deal. Obviously, Kurt Angle is just as impressed with ZSJ as the rest of the world.

If you're a fan of Bruce Prichard's podcast Something To Wrestle With then you've certainly heard Bruce's "spot on" impression of Jim Cornette ordering a cheeseburger. Prichard might go off on a tangent sometimes though because he seldom gets Corney's famous order just right.

But to clear things up, Jim Cornette recently retweeted a fan who ordered a cheeseburger and got Corney's order right. We're not sure if the famous pro wrestling personality also puts french fries on his cheeseburger like Fred did, but the correct order is a triple cheeseburger with onion, mayo, and pickle only. Just in case you ever wanted to eat like Jim Cornette.

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