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Shawn Michaels comments on possible match with AJ Styles



Everyone has their dream matches and it doesn't really get much dreamier than The Phenomenal AJ Styles vs The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. There were rumblings this match could be on the way, but it turns out the sick poster Styles tweeted out was just some amazing fan art.

In fact, Shawn Michaels even admitted he had to turn down a match against Styles at WrestleMania 33 which could mean Shane McMahon's match with Styles was Plan B.

The Mirror recently spoke to Shawn Michaels about a possible match with Styles where he said he would be down for the match if it was a decade in the past but at this point, there are a lot of amazing people on the roster who could take his place.

"There was talk about it possibly happening at WrestleMania. I think he's an unbelievably talented young man. I wish I was 10 to 15 years younger because there are so many great guys. But it's very important to me, I wouldn't have retired unless I was ready to walk away. I'm flattered that every year when WrestleMania comes up people talk about me coming back, but I enjoy my time with my family, I enjoy watching WrestleMania and I also enjoy watching WWE move into the future."

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He also spoke about the importance of focusing on WWE's future which is not only a noble concept but also an extremely wise one too.

"It's very important that continues to happen and the only way for it to do so is for some of us in a dignified way to walk away. Much as it would be interesting to be in there with some of those young men, it's their time now and I think it's important that we focus on them and the future of the WWE."

It would be awesome to see an AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels dream match, but it looks like we might need to keep dreaming.

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